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What They Say!

"Yesterday I took my three out of my five children out to Sycamore Creek and had an absolute ball.  We went through two boxes of clay pigeons, and only lost two of the large paper clips and three of the clay pigeon clips.  Long story short for the value of your product and cheap entertainment the kids and I loved your product and will highly recommend it to all my friends. " - Mike , in Arizona

" I've used the (OTHER GUYS) target in the past, but we had rain blow in this weekend and it got trashed, Clay Clips to the rescue!" - TOP SHOT CHAMPION-Dustin Ellermann, in Texas

REVIEW from "The Gun Writer" - Lee Williams from the Herald tribune in Sarasota Florida

"You guys have really hit it right on the mark with The Clay Clips!! I just received mine today and the first thing I did was take em outback and try them out. Man was I ever impressed!" - Henny, in Indiana

"Shot through 73 shooters using rifle at 10-15 yrds and only ruined one clip. I am very happy with them. " - David, in Michigan

Great for shooting games! Makes for a cool pistol target!

"I received my order of the Clay Clips a few days ago and they are great...Much better than hanging them on nails! I shoot with my ten year old grandson and he loves making different designs out of them on cardboard backers...(I love shooting smiley faces!)..again, thanks for a product that works!" - Steve , in Kansas

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