Customer Pics - Some folks have sent in pictures of them shooting Clay Clips. We love seeing the inventive ways folks use them. 

Lots of Videos - Videos of Clay Clips being used. Video reviews. YouTube Channel link. We are always looking for customer video submissions, to earn FREE Clay Clips

Do you want to know? We always want to know. We've been getting tremendous feedback. Ranges, instructors, tactical usage, you name it people love it.

Clay Targets are no longer just for shotguns!

Great pistol targets, rifle targets and archery targets. Shooting games that are fun and reactive!



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Clay TARGET Holder

Clay Clips are a stainless steel spring tension wire designed for rifle and pistol shooters. Clay Clips attach to a clay pigeon and are then punched into a vertical cardboard target backer board. Clay targets can be arranged in any configuration. When you shoot the top clays, the bottom ones don't get knocked off. When the target is shot away, the Clay Clip stays in the cardboard, and you can reload it!

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